The video sows example of contact to the Supreme Frequency Dimension. Every contact begins with express of respect to the Supreme Reason and Supreme Powers. After training it becomes possible to ask questions and to get information so as doing a cheat. Not every question will get corresponding answer. Among are questions asked without respect, dumb andĀ irrelevant ones. The information system of the Supreme Frequency Dimension comprises the IS of our Material World besides the latter compared to the first is as a slight particle of dust on peak Everest.

Before creating the current video clip the author prayed the Supreme Powers to organize it pointing to the objects on the desk (two Bluetooth speakers and one ball) in a sequence, without speaking from the side of the author. Normally one who makes such a contact is speaking or only thinking. The pendulum is nothing more but a digital device answering to the questions using binary code (1 and 0; yes / no; + / – ). In principle rotating Clockwise means (+) or (yes) or (digital 1). It is some specific direction expressing ( – ); (no); (0). In addition the language of the pendulum includes many different motions; experience is required to become familiar with. After pointing to the objects on the desk the pendulum plays in tact with the music.