There are no facilities from the side of the material world to detect anything from the side of the Supreme Frequency Dimension because of frequency discrepancy. Regardless of the future development of the technologies that state of the things will never be changed.
This leads normally to considering everything as being from the material essence and belonging to the material world with its frequency and speed of light limits. This is the so called “Materialistic considering”. Materialistic considering from its side leads logically to misunderstanding of lots of categories, phenomena and even historical events.
Materialistic considering does not allow comprehending lots of physical categories and phenomena. From here we go directly to the inexplicable origin and development of life. Without recognizing the Hyper Fields nothing of this ever will be explained as it is.
The Great Illusion of Life was introduced within the books of the author from his intuitive period of comprehending all this subject of the theory. The Great Illusion of Life is similar to the Great Illusion of Cinema. Frames of static pictures set in sequence are running and illusion of moving and living objects thus being created.
The same is with our materialistic “Live”. Human beings consider material bodies as “living structures” but they are only animated hyper complex matter. The real living organisms with their functionality are Hyper Fields.