The Hyper Fields’ Theory claims all is based on physics. Nothing is paranormal or supernatural. Those ideas are due to foggy contacts to Supreme Frequency Dimension and in addition full lack of ability to explain anything from this.
No facility made of matter is capable to detect anything from the side of the Supreme Frequency Dimension. This does not mean but other physics does not exist. This physics is inaccessible for human beings during their normal life in the material world. Access to this knowledge could be approached only in case The Supreme Reason and Supreme Powers decide to do that for us.
Seems the development of the science and technologies nowadays is the reason They decided to do that for us. There are a lot of causes for this, Basic is the maturity of the society to comprehend the information sent and to put the knowledge fundaments at their real base.
As from the first moment of the intuitive term of the author up to now there is a base of bases, the very referent point of the physics of the Hyper Fields. This is Ether. Why human beings missed Ether and why Ether is forbidden category? This is being described in all the books of the author and nothing is necessary to add here.
Matter is produced from ether by certain conditions. By the process of matter producing an electrically charged particle (not particle of matter but between Ether and matter) emits Hyper Fields.
Life is Hyper Fields, not material bodies. Matter is too inert, slow, restricted to create life, feelings, senses etc. Origin and development of life are based on Hyper Fields.
Intelligent Design is supported by Church, but by a manner of belief in miracles. This makes the Church’s position easy to be assaulted by the science. Science fiercely denies Intelligent Design considering everything as spontaneously produced by matter. This normally leads to inexplicable life origin and development.
Denying Ether and knowing nothing about the Hyper Fields leads to blank spots within the fundaments of the science. Such are the explanation of light and corpuscular – wave dualism; electricity as motion of electrically charged particles – electrons; space – time as explanation of gravity – all caused by not recognizing of Ether. Such are explanations of mass producing, dark matter etc. Following strictly the physics of the (Inert) material world regardless is it Newton (Classic) or Quantum leads to denying the opportunity other physics to exist and thus widening our possibilities to understand fundaments of importance.