The Hyper Fields Theory is a transfer of information from the side of the Supreme Frequency Dimension toward the Material World. Undoubtedly understanding the notion Supreme Frequency Dimension is an obstacle and requires explanation. This notion is related to the elusive and mystical site and everything we are used to call “Paranormal”. Human beings live in material world and everything out of this world is “Supernatural” and officially not recognized.
The transfer of information from the side of the Supreme Frequency Dimension was performed in two basic stages during the time. The first started in year 2007 and finished in 2016 with writing of four books as follows. This is the so called “Intuitive” period when the information came indirectly.
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2016 / ISBN-13: 978-1522772132 / ISBN-10: 1522772138

After 2016 the author started direct contacts to the Supreme Frequency Dimension using a pendulum. Pendulum becomes a digital device allowing contacts to the Supreme Frequency Media by means of asking questions and getting answers as 0 or 1 for “not” and respectively “yes”. After training the contact could become as comfortable as by cheat.
Entering the next stage of information transfer, the so called “direct information transfer” allowed the intuitive understanding from the previous stage to ascend to get exact information normally inaccessible for anyone from the material world.
The information transferred that way includes physics of the hyper fields and hyper fields and living organisms. It concerns a lot of problems being inexplicable by normal conditions of the material world. Those are problems of physics and life science, archaeology etc.